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Six Tips on How To Get and Stay Motivated

Whether it’s work, a project I’m working on, exercising more, it’s easy for me to get motivated but I find myself struggling a lot to stay motivated. This especially happens in the winter because its cold and dark and I would rather just stay in bed, under the blankets all day and watch Netflix. I started a book in November. I was so excited at first, writing everyday. I just went though a three week period where I didn’t write anything for my book. I’m still excited about it, but I couldn’t seem to have enough motivation to sit and write for it.

I’m writing this as kind of a guideline for me to follow, but I’m sharing it with you guys too because I’m sure a lot of people struggle with this too.


I love making lists and crossing things off as I do them. Seeing the list get shorter makes me very happy because it means I’m closer to my goal.


Depending on what you need motivation for set due dates or specific goals. If you’re working on a project, a due date will give you a timeframe that you will have to do the project in. If it’s a big project, break it into portions and set due dates for those. Without a due date, you can waste as much time as you want and that’s not good. You’d never get anything done! With a due date, you will need to get to work and manage your time properly.

If you’re trying to do something like exercise more, you will need to set specific goals. I used to exercise three days a week (which I should really get back to). If you don’t set specific goals, “exercising more” could just mean exercising once a month, which isn’t very beneficial.


Having a buddy who motivates and believes in you, or has the same goals as you, will make a big difference because you will have someone to keep you on track and celebrate when you reach one of your goals.

Stick to routine

I started a routine a few days ago where I wake up around 11, get ready for the day, have lunch then start writing around 1:00 pm. Then after supper I work on other freelance work. It works because I make sure I get time in and because it will become a natural thing to do once I follow this daily routine for a certain amount of time. It lets the body and brain know that at 1:00 pm I should be at my desk, with everything set up and ready to write. If I’m watching Netflix, which I probably am, no more “one more episode” after 1:00 pm.

Just start doing something. If you really don’t feel up to doing what you’re supposed to be doing, at least start. If it’s writing, start by writing a sentence. If it’s exercising, just start by going on the exercise bike for 5 minutes. A lot of the time, you will want to keep going. If not, you at least got a sentence or 5 minutes in for the day.

Do other things that motivate you beforehand

Is there anything that gives you energy or drive? Music can really help pump you up. Talking with your friends can be really encouraging or help you get frustrations out before starting.

Make it a comfortable environment

I write at my desk. I have warm colours everywhere. My planner is filled with pictures and inspirational quotes. I pour a can of Pepsi (my favourite drink). I make sure I have everything, try and remove possible distractions, then write.

Jessica Victoria
<p>Jessica Victoria, 24, is a writer and advocate for mental health, disability and LGBTQ+. She uses her personal experiences and knowledge to help and educate others.</p>

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