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9 Tips for Living Healthy While Battling Depression and Anxiety

By Bonnie McConaughy

Battling depression and anxiety is tough enough on its own, let alone while you’re working on losing weight and getting healthy! I have been on my own healthy living journey for over two and a half years now, and have been learning to work around my depression especially. It can be a real hinderance to our goals and progress sometimes! Here are some words of wisdom that I have learned along the way:

#1: Never give up

It will get better with time and even when it feels like you’re not making progress in your journey, you still are! So keep doing anything that brings you joy and focus on moving forward. Sometimes depression will take hold of you and drag you so far down that it’s like quicksand trying to dig your way out of it, but you can! Take your time and remember that it will get better!

#2: There will be hard times

There are always going to be hard times, no matter what kind of battles we face. Remember they will pass and you will get through them. Do what you can in the moment and keep putting one foot in front of the other until you start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. You may not be able to accomplish everything during the difficult times, and that is totally fine! Just do your best!

#3: You’re not alone

Trust me when I say that there are other people going through similar things as you. It may be hard to find them, but they are there. At the very least, there are people who are sympathetic and caring. Do your best to connect with these types of people: through an online forum, a Facebook group, or even in person. It is so beneficial to have people by your side who are understanding and encouraging.

#4: You are successful as you are, right now

Remember that despite all that you go through or battle each day, you can be successful. In fact, you are a success right now, because you are trying and making an effort to improve your life! We all go through hardships and have various struggles, but we also all have amazing potential within us!

#5: Take care of yourself

It is important to take care of yourself first, before worrying about other things, so that you can properly do what needs to be done in your life and journey. When you give yourself the care you deserve, such as getting enough rest or reading a good book to relax, then you can accomplish so much more!

#6: Keep a routine

Build a healthy routine into your life to create stability and comfort for yourself. A good example is starting your day by drinking water, eating a healthy breakfast, and having coffee or another revitalizing drink of your choice. Taking a mental break from your work in the middle of the day or ending your day on a positive note each evening, are a couple other ways to achieve this. It gives you something to look forward to as you go about your day, and can bring comfort and calmness to your life.

#7: Take advantage of the ‘ups’

When you’re feeling good, take advantage of it and enjoy those moments. Get some things done that you’ve wanted to do for a while but your depression or anxiety was getting in the way before. Just make sure you don’t overdo it either. These better times can be a time of motivation and productivity that allow you to get more done if you make the most of them!

#8: Forgive yourself for slip ups

Slip-ups happen for everyone from time to time, and especially when we’re at a low point. Those are time times that we all tend to slip-up more often. Don’t beat yourself up for it. Focus on doing your best and getting back on track. Trust me, you haven’t ruined everything. You are still making progress and one slip-up does not undo all your hard work!

#9: Connect with other people

Anyone who is in a healthy living journey of some sort might be a great place to start in order to connect with others who have similar goals. You can build an amazing support system this way as well. Then when things get tough, you will have people to lean on: to call, email, write, or whatever method of communication works for you. The possibilities are endless and the support is priceless!

Not all of this may resonate with you right now, but if you’re working on living a healthier life and are also battling depression and anxiety, please remember that you’re not alone. You can and will be successful in your journey! It takes time to figure out how to make it work but it is so worth it! Always keep moving forward!


Bonnie McConaughy is the owner and founder of Inspire the Best You (, where she writes about weight loss, healthy living, self-love, and personal growth. If you are interested in those topics, stop by and read her blog! She is also a freelance and ghostwriter (

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<p>Jessica Victoria, 24, is a writer and advocate for mental health, disability and LGBTQ+. She uses her personal experiences and knowledge to help and educate others.</p>

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