Jessica Victoria, 25, is a writer and mental health advocate from Ontario, Canada. She also is an advocate for disabilities and the LGBTQ+ community.

Jessica graduated with a Journalism diploma in 2016, and has taken many psychology courses throughout the years at her local college and online. She also has her Mental Health First Aid and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training certificates.

Jessica was diagnosed with anxiety and depression as a teenager. Since then, she has used her experiences and knowledge to help others. She has also lived with a physical disability since she was two and a half; she is unable to walk and has a speech impairment. However, it does not stop her from doing anything she puts her mind to. A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, she came out as bisexual in her early 20s. She is also a sex positive advocate, especially for people of all abilities.

Jessica loves using comedy and other creative, fun outlets to educate people on and bring awareness to serious topics. She plans on doing more of this in the near future, along with writing. When Jessica is struggling with her own mental health, she relies on her friends, music, writing and self-care. Her favourite self-care activity is going to the gym. It is also important for her mental health to set goals and stay busy, as it keeps her motivated and fulfilled. When she has down time, she is usually talking to her friends or with them. Her friends are the most important people in her life.

When people confide in Jessica and tell her that she’s helped them, it motivates her to keep doing what she’s doing. She is so open and honest, because as she always says, “If I help at least one person, then it’s worth it.”



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