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I recently made a twitter account for this blog. I was in the middle of writing a tweet when I saw something that absolutely disgusted me…

When anyone starts to write a tweet, more specifically a hashtag, hashtag suggestions pop up.

I was trying to write #lovatics and the next thing I see are two hashtag suggestions that shocked me and made me so mad. The suggestions were #lovaticswantdemitocut (lovatics want demi to cut) and #lovaticswantdemitogobacktorehab (lovatics want demi to go back to rehab).

I know there’s probably worse ones than that. But these stood out because they popped up in front of my face while I was typing.

People can be so disrespectful. I decided to search that trend and I actually almost started to cry when I read the tweets. People are cruel. She’s a real person. I know what it’s like to be told stuff like that. It’s not fun. It’s not a joke. Seeing the tweets could actually mess with someone else’s head and trigger them. It’s a cycle. I got a little triggered just by seeing some of the words.

Besides that, it’s just plain wrong. Who even thinks of these things? And why on earth do they think its ok? Why do they even spend time typing things like that? Like its just stupid. I feel bad for the people that write these things, along with the people that see them. Grow up and get a life. Stop trying to get attention. The people who write these things are making themselves look bad.

My question will always be why? What are your intentions when you write stuff like that? Its probably not going to effect a big celebrity like Demi. So why?

Think before you type.

On a positive note…

Someone posted these pictures on twitter, comparing Demi post-rehab to her now. Look how much healthier she looks! So proud of her. It just goes to show you, recovery is possible. These pictures definitely gave me an extra boost of confidence to keep going. Hope it can for you too.


Stay strong lovelies <3

Jessica Victoria
<p>Jessica Victoria, 24, is a writer and advocate for mental health, disability and LGBTQ+. She uses her personal experiences and knowledge to help and educate others.</p>

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